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Friday, December 5, 2014

Best treatment for Bell's palsy

I am still seeing this kid who is 12 years old, rescently have been in series of serious medical condition started with common cold lead to pneumonia and ended up with Bell's Palsy.

It all started begining of Nevember 2014.
He has been in and out of ER for several times, lots of anti-biotics and pain medicine(due to his one of main complaint which pain on hamstring)

Luckly, he was all cleared from pneumonia but BP present about 2 weeks ago. His MD dosen't want to try steroids or any other medicine which seems very safe and wise to me.

His parents researched and found out that acupuncture is the most effective way to treat BP.

When he first present to my office, he couldn't even sit for a minute.
Nausious, dizzy, and pain on his legs with BP.

He had common signs of BP that could not fully close his eye lid and when make a move on face muscle, one side doesn't move etc...

On Nov. 25. 2014, he had first acupuncture for BP and 24 hours later
his face came back to normal almost 90%. Not to mention he could eat and walk better with more strength.

He visits me once a week ever since.(which is only 3 visits so far)
No more BP.

All he needs is more Qi!

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